PDC drill bit

PDC drilling bit   Are you troubled with these problem? -- Replace the drill bit during operation, cutter weared out or complex geological conditions required special drill bit. Our PDC drill bit is the right solution for you. Polycrystalline diamond compact PDC cutter is mainly made of Polycry

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PDC drilling bit
 Are you troubled with these problem?

-- Replace the drill bit during operation, cutter weared out or complex geological conditions required special drill bit.
Our PDC drill bit is the right solution for you.

Polycrystalline diamond compact PDC cutter is mainly made of Polycrystalline diamond and tungsten carbide base. 
PDC is made of diamond powder and cemented carbide substrate in the ultra-high pressure and high temperature sintering conditions, both with high hardness diamond, high wear resistance and thermal conductivity, but also has the strength of carbide and impact toughness, It is an ideal material for manufacturing cutting tools, drilling bits and other wear tools.

PDC Drilling Bit

Structure of PDC drilling bit

The bottom is a carbide substrate, the top part of the black is diamond, but also the force of the entire product, is a super hard material.

PDC Drilling Bit
Specification of PDC drilling bit
Diameter(mm)Total Height
Diamond Height (mm)ShapeStructure of
the bottom
Φ8 - Φ25±0.02
H10 - H34±0.12.0±0.2  Ball nose
  Conical nose
  Dome nose
Can be designed according to customer's requests.
ZZbetter has different types of PDC cutter 

1.   PDC Flat Cutter
2.   PDC Dome Cutter
3.   PDC Conical Cutter
4.   PDC Chisel Cutter
5.   PDC Ovoid Cutter
6.   PDC Square Cutter
7.   Other Irregular PDC Cutters

 PDC Drilling Bit

Application of PDC drilling bit

PDC is a kind of composite material composed of diamond and hard alloy matrix. It has the characteristics of high hardness and good wear resistance. It is widely used in:
1.  Oil and gas well drilling
2.  Geological and mining drilling
3.  Coal drilling
4.  Machining tools.

PDC Drilling Bit

The superiority of PDC cutter compared with normal tungsten carbide

1. High hardness, high abrasion resistance and high impact resistance.
2. 5-10 times longer useful life compared with normal tungsten carbide, obviously reduce the frequency of replace the drill bit.
3. Effective and stable drilling speed to protect the equipment and reduce the drilling cost(30%-40% overall cost)

PDC Drilling Bit

Production Process of PDC cutter

1. Milling
2. Proportioning as required
3. Wet grinding
4. Dry--Granulation
5. Pressing
6. Sntering
7. Inspection
8. Packaging

Quality control of PDC drilling bit
The packaging of polycrystalline diamond compact PDC cutter
First in plastic box, then in cartons, or as customers' requirement.
PDC Drilling Bit

PDC Drilling Bit

Company information of ZZBETTER

 Zhuzhou Better Tungsten Carbide Co., Ltd is located in ZhuZhou city, Hunan province, the largest tungsten carbide producing area in China.
Our main products include: PDC drilling bit, carbide inserts, end mills, carbide rods, carbide strips and plates, carbide dies, carbide roll rings, carbide blades, carbide tips, mining bits, carbide pins, carbide studs, boron carbide, water jets cutting nozzles, cast tungsten carbide, tungsten carbide welding rods.
 We sincerely hope we can provide our customers with good quality products, moderate price together with professional service.

PDC Drilling Bit

Our Main Products

 PDC Drilling Bit

Our Team

 PDC Drilling Bit
What are the superiorities of ZZBETTER?
  1. Competitive price 
  2. Quality guarantee (ISO9001)
  3. Short delivery time
  4. Professional sales team 24 hours online service
  5. Various size for selection, customized as your drawing available

 PDC Drilling Bit

1. Can I negotiate the Prices?
Yes, we may provide discounts for bulk orders of individual products.
2. What is your minimum order requirement?
We will indicate the MOQ for each item in the quotation sheet.
3. How long will it take to deliver my order?
For the stock items, we can arrange the shipment within 3-5 days after received your payment. For the customized items, we will indicate the delivery time in the quotation sheet.

 PDC Drilling Bit

Customized tungsten carbide products are available! 

We warmly welcome every customer to send us drawings for making customized product.  
Contact with us, you will get more than what you can ! 


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